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Reset Dialogues on Civilizations | a venue for all tribes

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    International seminars, research and publications In recent decades, the world has witnessed many “religion” conflicts, such as the rise of radical Islamist movements in the Middle East, in Asia, in Africa, the conflicts in Bosnia, Somalia, Nigeria, the revolt of Tamils in Sri Lanka, along with several different kinds of Islamic terrorist movements (From Boko […]

    L'articolo Religions Between Exclusivism and Dialogues proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    Exiting violence: the role of religion is a biennial (2017- 2018) project, developed in partnership between Reset DOC and Kessler Foundation, that tries to address the following questions: 1) How do believers and faith groups understand and explain violence when committed in the name of God? 2) How do they relate to violence in the […]

    L'articolo Exiting Violence: The Role of Religion. From Texts to Theories proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    International seminars, research and publications Islam is one of the major organized religions with a world-wide following and legal theories which have historically been broadly heterogeneous when providing answers to the multiple questions asked by its faithful. However, modernity has imposed new questions unto religious scholars, theologians, philosophers and scholars of Islamic studies. Modern science, […]

    L'articolo Genealogies of Pluralism in Islamic Thought proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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  • 09/11/17--05:36: Istanbul Seminars 2016
  • Religion, Rights and the Public Sphere The title of the Istanbul Seminars 2016 is Religion, Rights and the Public Sphere. While religiously inspired social movements, political parties, and charity institutions make an important contribution to society in terms of civil life and social cohesion, every religion can also play a negative role in radicalizing identities, in […]

    L'articolo Istanbul Seminars 2016 proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    Reset Dialogues on Civilizations in partnership with Bruno Kessler Foundation and Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs – George Washington University are glad to invite you to: Exiting Violence: The Role of Religion From Texts to Theories  10-12 October 2017 Kessler Foundation, Via Santa Croce 77 Trento Exiting violence: the role of religion is […]

    L'articolo Exiting violence: the Role of Religion. From Texts to Theories proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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  • 09/25/17--03:26: European Jihadists
  • The French based Iranian sociologist Farhad Khosrokhavar draws a map of the different types of European Islamic extremists and their various anti-democratic approaches. Venezia 2016 Text Editing and Production: Nina zu Fürstenberg Interview: Nina zu Fürstenberg Video: Piero Demo Video Editing: Anna Fanuele

    L'articolo European Jihadists proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    Can religion be a positive rather than a destructive force? asks Mohd Eiadat, of Jordan University: “Yes, in Islam, every generation should revisit it’s faith. There are 3 main traditions: 1 – the Sufi tradition, compatible with neutral political authority. 2 – the legalist, sharia based dogmatic model. 3 – the ethical model which allows […]

    L'articolo Islam has an Ethical Dimension Compatible with a Free Public Sphere proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    This text is a transcription of a conversation between Giancarlo Bosetti and Josè Casanova. Please do not quote or reproduce without the permission of the author and of Reset DOC. The subject of violence in relation to the sacred texts, and the way religions develop a more or less peaceful or belligerent attitude, is the […]

    L'articolo Casanova: Religions and Cycles of Violence and Peace proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    It was not very long ago that religion was regarded as a relic, at least as far as politics are concerned. Now this picture itself seems an artifact of history. With the gods once again afoot in the public square, religion has returned to occupy political actors and theorists alike. Especially salient, of course, is […]

    L'articolo Counter-secularism and Religious Revival proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    Preserved in the library of the Catholic seminary in Shkodër are a number of the very few books which have survived the blaze set alight by communists at the immediate aftermath of the war. They are stored in plastic protective cases. Leonardo Falco,  young dean of the seminary, and Mark Pashka, newly-ordained priest, uncover them to allow […]

    L'articolo Multicultural and Multireligious: the Albanian Model for Coexistence proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    Germany is not immune to the phenomenon of religious radicalism. Over the past six years, about one thousand foreign fighters have left Merkel’s country for Syria and Iraq to join ISIS and other terrorist groups. This has also happened in various other Western European countries, from France to Belgium, from the Netherlands to Great Britain, […]

    L'articolo Germany: conversions to radical Salafism. How to stop them? proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    Although, in many ways, the reasons for which many recently converted young men decide or have so far decided to go and fight with “God’s fanatics” in Syria and Iraq remain mysterious, those same choices made by girls born and raised in a ‘western’ environment in Europe “totally bewilders us”, admits the sociologist Farhad Khosrokhavar […]

    L'articolo Reciprocal respect and dialogue. The only defence against terrorism proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    Are Indonesian democracy and pluralism being endangered by the revitalization of radicalism and the increasingly invasive presence of extremist Islamic groups? Is political Islam exploiting the country’s democratic processes to gain power in increasingly more regions (in accordance to the so-called ‘democracy trap’ theory? Could there be a Caliphate on the rise on the Indonesian […]

    L'articolo Religious pluralism and the failure of political Islam proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    The future of Indonesian Islam, and with it that of the entire nation, involves the issue of addressing social justice. The 82-year-old Muslim leader Ahmad Syafii Maarif, now a member of the Presidential Committee for the Application of the Pancasila Ideology, a committee of ten members created by President Joko Widodo to preserve and implement […]

    L'articolo Indonesia: Nusantara Islam and social justice proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    Indonesia has witnessed the mushrooming of communal violence during the early stages of its transition towards electoral democracy after the fall of Suharto’s authoritarian regime in 1998 (Tadjoeddin 2002; Varshney, Panggabean & Tadjoeddin 2004; van Klinken, 2007). The two reports by the UNSFIR on general picture and the pattern of collective violence during Indonesia’s transition […]

    L'articolo The Rise of Communal Violence and the Reemergence of Radical Islamism During Political Transition proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    Ian Loring, an englishman, is the pastor of the evangelical church of Korca – a southern Albanian city – and has been for over a quarter century. He had never intended to settle here, admittedly. This is a story born of chance. “I went to Bulgaria in 1991 to help the local population during a […]

    L'articolo Restoration of religious plurality in modern Albania proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    More and more citizens feel abandoned or betrayed by their State, by the Welfare State, says political scientist Lisa Anderson. They shift identity, searching help from religious communities rather than the State. Voters even react with electoral exit response. In the Arab World, in Europe or in the USA it is disappointment that is uniting […]

    L'articolo Populism and The Shared Sense of Abandonment proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    Dr. Rehman, what is cow vigilantism and how is it taking over India? Mujibur Rehman: Cow vigilantism has become a menace in India. Unfortunately however, that is not how the government sees it. Cow vigilante groups are people who randomly target those they suspect of owning cows for the purpose of slaughter and beef consumption. They […]

    L'articolo Why Muslims still feel second-class citizens in today’s India? proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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    Venice Seminars Close Encounters Across all Divides June 7th-9th, 2018 | Giorgio Cini Foundation, Venice The Venice Seminars, in partnership with the Center for Humanities and Social Change at University of Venice Ca’ Foscari and Giorgio Cini Foundation, intend to explore the sources of toleration in diverse cultural and religious traditions, in both the secular […]

    L'articolo Fountainheads of Toleration – Forms of Pluralism in Empires, Republics, Democracies proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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  • 02/19/18--01:40: Purpose and History 2018
  • In the past few years, the Seminars held in Istanbul in collaboration with Bilgi University have discussed topics such as 1.Postsecularism (2008), 2.Religion, Human rights and Multicultural Jurisdictions (2009), 3. Realigning Liberalism: Pluralism, Integration, Identities (2010), 4.Overcoming the Trap of resentment (2011), 5. The Promises of Democracy in Troubled Times (2012), 6. The Sources of Political Legitimacy. From the Erosion of the Nation-State […]

    L'articolo Purpose and History 2018 proviene da Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilization.

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